#AgudahLive Mr Richard Altabe, Lower Division Principal HALB sat down with R’ Avi Schnall and R’ Shai Markowitz

Substantial Equivalency: We’ve heard so much about it, and then we heard that maybe it isn’t a problem anymore. Is that true?
Watch this Agudah Live session, where Rabbi Shai Markowitz and Rabbi Avi Schnall interview Mr. Richard Altabe, Lower Division Principal of Hebrew Academy of Long Beach (HALB). Spoiler alert: “These are very dangerous times for all Yeshivos in the State of New York, regardless of whether they’re Chassidish Yeshivos, Litvish Yeshivos, Modern Yeshivos, and even Yeshivos representing non-Frum populations.”
Watch the full video to hear Mr. Altabe’s perspective, in a perceptive interview from Rabbis Markowitz and Schnall, and you’ll have a better idea of what is really going on in the State of New York.

We encourage the greater tzibbur to get involved.
The Agudah has created a page through which one can easily send a letter to state officials registering our protest about this gross overreach of government power. Please take a moment to be part of this initiative by going to https://yeshivosbychoice.org/action/.