The State Education Department is required by law to review and respond to each of the comments submitted.

The future of chinuch ha’bonim ve’ha’bonos is in imminent peril. Your immediate help is required to help avert the looming ge’zeiros. 

The New York State Education Department has released new proposed regulations that would subject the curriculum and faculty of Yeshivos, Bais Yaakovs, Day Schools and other private schools to regular inspections and reviews by local school boards.

If a school’s curriculum or faculty is found lacking, the regulations require local school boards to notify the school’s parent body that they must enroll their children in a different school.   

This is the THIRD time in the past five years that New York State has attempted to impose a new set of rules on Yeshivos. We are once again facing a great danger. 

These regulations would establish the principle that Yeshivos need a license from the State to continue to operate, and obtaining it is dependent on a curriculum that is determined by the local school boards. This would result in a significant increase of limudei chol (which might not allow sufficient time for limudei kodesh or tefillah), and their choosing potentially offensive subjects antithetical to our Torah hashkafah. 

עת‭ ‬צרה‭ ‬היא‭ ‬ליעקב‭!‬

Our voice must be strong and united in opposing any change to our children’s chinuch. 

We must send a message that we are as united in opposition to these regulations as we were in the past.

בתפילה‭ ‬לישועת‭ ‬ה‮’,‬

Moetzes Gedolei HaTorah of America

Vaad Roshei Yeshiva of Torah Umesorah