Educational Crisis Unfolding



Reason Magazine: Private Schools Provide Educational Choice—For Now

Private schools are holding their ground against surging competition and scared regulators. By J.D. Tuccille | Jan. 23, 2019 3:30 ...
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Commentary: State rules ignore special mission of Jewish schools

A touch of hypocrisy reflected in the guidelines Rabbi Yaakov Bender, published at www.timesunion.com Forty years ago, I was invited ...
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YAFFED Lawsuit Dismissed; Concerns Over State Ed Guidance Remain

In what some are celebrating as a victory for yeshivos, a federal judge dismissed on Wednesday a lawsuit filed by ...
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New York’s attack on private schools – Bob Confer’s Commentary in the Niagara Gazette

By Bob Confer in the Niagara Gazette My daughter attends public school, just as my son will in a few ...
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Letter to the Editor: School Crisis

New York State Department of Education Building in Albany By Richard Altabe in Five Towns Jewish Times The editor of this paper is entitled to express ...
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#AgudahLive latest on NYSED Guidelines with Rabbi Yeruchim Silber

Update from Albany: Rabbi Yeruchim Silber, Agudah’s representative in Albany, updates the Agudah Live audience on the new legislative session ...
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Unprecedented. Unfair. Unacceptable: Two problems: one is of policy, the other is of process

Rabbi Eytan Kobre and Mishpacha Magazine Having written the cover story of two weeks ago on the crisis brewing for ...
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