Educational Crisis Unfolding



All the News About Yeshivas That the Times Deems Unfit To Print

And just as the Board of Regents gets set to consider new regulations for these private religious schools. Published by ...
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The Plot Against Jewish Education

Why is The New York Times attacking Hasidic schools for raising happy, well-adjusted children? Published by Liel Leibovitz in Tablet ...
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The Inequality of Equivalency?

Published by Reuvain Borchardt in Hamodia on August 18, 2022. Yossi Gestetner, a business strategist and executive director of the ...
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Imposing Curriculum on our Yeshivot Threatens Religious Freedom

Think the argument for imposing curriculum on Charedi children is a slam dunk? Think again Published by Joe Mintz in ...
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New York’s faith community alarmed by Department of Education’s proposed ‘intrusion’ into religious schools

A principal told Fox News Digital that he worried New York's proposed regulations could cause a slippery slope that would ...
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Straight Talk

Published by Reuvain Borchardt in the Hamodia Prime on June 22, 2022. TEACHABLE MOMENT Avrohom Weinstock, chief of staff at ...
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Hundreds of Thousands Protest Department of Education Regulations of Yeshivos

Published by Matis Glenn in The Hamodia on May 30, 2022. Supporters of yeshiva education are making their voices known ...
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Commentary: State policy threatens the enduring tradition of Jewish education

Published by Elya Brudny, Yaakov Bender and Yisroel Reisman in The Times Union on May 30, 2022. Midnight on Tuesday ...
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