Educational Crisis Unfolding



A Call to Action – Ami Magazine Interviews Agudah’s Leah Zagelbaum about “School Reform”

Ami Magazine recently interviewed Agudath Israel's Vice President for Media Affairs Leah Zagelbaum about the crisis facing New York yeshivas ...
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Jewish Community Unites to Protect Yeshiva Independence

Leading rabbonim representing different groups within the frum community declare: we are all one community! Submit your comment to the ...
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Yeshiva Crisis: Final Days for Commenting on Proposed NYSED Regulations

September 2nd, Labor Day, is the last day to comment on the New York State Education Department (SED)’s proposed regulations that subject yeshivas to rigid ...
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As New York Once Again Targets Religious Schools, a History Lesson in Communal Resistance

by Marvin Schick Published in Tablet Magazine "Next month, the Rabbi Jacob Joseph School in New York will begin its ...
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The Truth About Yeshiva Curriculum and Student Outcome

by Yossi Gestetner Published July 25, 2019 on the OJPAC (Orthodox Jewish Public Affairs Council) website This article addresses the ...
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New York State Cracks Down on Jewish Schools

Senator Simcha Felder and Rabbi Chaim Dovid Zwiebel meet the long shadow of Joseph Hodges Choate by Menachem Wecker Published ...
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Leave Our Yeshivos Alone

by Rabbi Yisroel Reisman Published in the Jewish Press on July 25, 2019 For the last 11 months, I have ...
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